The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge – Day 16

16) Your favorite “asexual” book (as in, sex and/or romance are not the main focus).

This question bothers me for two reasons. The first is that I love and adore many books for multiple reasons that, even when given parameters from which to select a “favorite” book of any type, it’s practically impossible for me to select just one. The second reason is (and I could be reading the meme creator’s intention incorrectly) the way the question is phrased seems to suggest that think of an “asexual” book is a difficult task. Maybe if you only read a few books or only lit fic or adult fic in general. If you read widely, and particularly if you still read children’s books and count some of them as among your favorite books (which I do), then you have a lot more books to chose from. In general, there are hundred upon hundreds of books in which sex and/or romance aren’t the main focus. The only genres of books in which the books consistently present sex and/or romance as the main focus are romance and erotica.

I hate to cop out, but I don’t think I can really think of a favorite ace book because there hasn’t really been a book I’ve enjoyed and applauded specifically for not having one or more of those things as the main focus. When sex and/or romance is written well, I enjoy it. When it’s written horribly, I think more poorly of the book in question. Again, this is how I’m interpreting this particular question. It’s parameters are such that I can’t give a personally satisfying answer.

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