The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge – Day 11

11) If you’re out, talk about the most accepting person you’ve come out to. If you’re not out, talk about what you would hope a coming out experience would be like.

I could do the easy answer and say the most accepting person I’ve come out to is my ace friend from college, due to the fact that… ya know… she’s ace. But that answer is also pretty boring.

So instead I’ll say that the most accepting, non-ace person that I’ve come out to is my friend Michael. Most people I’ve told intellectually understand that I’m not sexually attracted to other people, but tend not to take that next step into understanding how that affects a lot of aspects of my life, and that it’s more complicated than just “I don’t want to have sex”. What I appreciate most though is that he gives me the space to be confused and uncertain about how I feel or what I want. In other words, he takes me at my word for what I said yesterday about me being ace and he’ll do the same thing a month from now as well. Not only that, but he’s encouraged me as I’ve started writing about asexuality online, and we’ve had some conversations about things I want to write about because I want to see how our perspectives differ and/or coincide. Essentially, he lets me be me while giving me the space to change and grow. He’s a pretty awesome dude.

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