The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge – Day 6

6) Have you faced oppression because of your asexuality, whether institutional or societal?

Very little direct oppression. The closest instance that ever occurred was before a Vagina Monologues rehearsal when we were doing a group sharing activity and I decided to go for it and say, as part of what I was sharing, that I was asexual. This statement was met with complete awkward silence by everyone until one girl pretty much said, “OK, next person!”

I’d say that the fact that I don’t feel comfortable telling people in general that I’m ace, mostly because I don’t feel like explaining what asexuality is every single time I tell someone and open myself to the risk of people not believing me or refuting me in some way, is a sign of general oppression, even if it’s not consciously being administered. If I was sure that everyone I told would legitimately believe me, I’d tell them. Since I’m not… that says something.

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