The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge – Day 2

2) Are you out? To whom?

I am out to most of my friends from home, if not all of them (a part of me thinks I’ve at least mentioned that I’m asexual to all of them, but with one person, I can’t remember, and I know I’ve said I’m asexual in another person’s vicinity, but not directly to her, and I’m betting she probably doesn’t remember). I am also out to a fair number of my friends at college. I would like to be out to all of them, but I’d like to do that in a way that isn’t me going rather bluntly, “Hey guys, guess what? I’m asexual!” Which, you know, is probably how it’s going to happen anyway, but I wish it didn’t have to be like that. I would like to be out as a general thing, but I’ve yet to find a way I’m comfortable doing so. While I appreciate the many ace symbols that exist, I don’t want to rely on them to advertise my asexuality, and there is a part of me that’s annoyed that I need to advertise at all that I’m ace, just to be recognized. In general though, I am working on being more open and honest about it with other people. I have a tendency to stay silent, even when an opportunity arises to say I’m asexual, just so I won’t draw attention to myself, but I don’t want to stay hidden forever.

I haven’t told my parents yet, and I’m still debating whether I ever will. I would very much like not to have to listen to the “It’s just a phase, you’ll feel differently in 5 years or when you meet the right person/this is a sign your anxiety is returning, you really should consider going back on meds” speech that I am almost certain my mom will give me, and that my dad will, at the very least, not refute. Seeing as they (thankfully) never, ever ask about whatever romantic/sex life I might have, it’s extremely easy to not feel the need to tell them.

And, of course, I’m out to whoever runs across my blog on the internet! Hello!

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