The 30 Day Asexuality Challenge – Day 1

So I haven’t written anything in almost a month about asexuality, not for lack of inspiration, but rather a lack of impetus to make me sit down, write something, and make sure it’s coherent, logical, and doesn’t make me sound like a doofus. Anyways, I ran across this meme on tumblr here via Sciatrix’s Wednesday Linkspam post. I have a couple of bigger posts I’ll eventually get around to writing, but hopefully doing this will prime the pump, so to speak, and get me going.

Without further ado, the first question is:

1) What is your romantic/sexual orientation?

I am heteroromantically asexual. Which means that I am romantically attracted to men, but not sexually attracted to them. Even so, I remain open to the potential possibility of falling in love with someone who isn’t male/male-identified. However, since every single person I might have had romantic feelings for has so far been male, “heteroromantic” is the most appropriate label at this time.

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