Uhh… welcome?

This blog will be an experiment in which I will test whether posting my thoughts in a public forum will be more fun and exciting than writing them in a word document that I then hide in a folder in my laptop, never seeing the light of day.

In the middle of April last year, I started recording my thoughts on the various books I was reading because many of the books that I had recently read had started to blur together in my mind, and this was a way of organizing my thoughts about them in a concrete manner. However, I’ve gotten vaguely bored of the idea that no one will see my thoughts except for myself, so now everyone can see them! Because everyone should know what I think about what I read! Note: these will not be reviews. Most likely they will be nonsensical ramblings with structural, logical, and coherency problems. Make of that what you will.

Also, I want to talk about asexuality, as it is still a largely unknown topic and is practically invisible in the larger discourse that is the universe. My thoughts on asexuality, what it is, how it manifests itself, and how I relate to it as a heteroromantic asexual female are always changing and evolving, and hopeful this will be useful in helping me make sense of it all. And maybe a couple of other people will learn something along the way as well!

So yeah, this is a rather long introductory post. To a blog that currently no one knows exists except myself. Here’s me, shouting into the void! Whoooooo!!!!!!!

I should probably use less exclamation points in the future.


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